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Design Review Board

The Northstar Design Review Board (DRB), appointed by The Master Developer, Northstar Residential Development LLC, comprised of no fewer than three members, of which at least one is a registered architect, has been established to review and approve all plans prior to the start of construction. At all times, the DRB shall have the absolute authority and final say with respect to all plan reviews of any improvements constructed or to be constructed at or on the property.


The DRB reviews any changes to the exterior of an existing home or changes to previously approved plans. These changes include, but are not limited to, the changes in exterior color or finish, additions (patios, decks, walls, swing sets, trampolines, landscaping) or other modifications during construction.

Homeowners must submit the application below and applicable fee to the Design Review Board for approval prior to beginning construction. Written approval will be granted by the Design Review Board (DRB). All applicable requirements of federal, state and local governments, statutes, laws, ordinances, codes and regulations (code requirements) must be complied with in the improvement of each parcel. Each owner must verify such code requirements, and neither the DRB nor its designate shall have responsibility to insure compliance with code requirements. Approval of plans by the DRB is required by signed letter before submitting plans to the applicable authority. Approval by the DRB is only for DRB-related items and does not relieve or supersede approval requirements of other authorities having jurisdiction. Where code requirements overlap or appear to be in conflict with the requirements of the Design Documents, the more stringent provisions shall govern.

Please refer to the Northstar Design Documents for all other types of design reviews.

The process for modification submittal is below:

  • Fill out the exterior modifications application below
  • Scaled plan and rendering preferred, but if not available include plot plan with a drawing indicating location of proposed changes as well as dimensions (including from rear and side yard property lines)
  • Include quantity, species and size of plants at install (if applicable)
  • Detail of any other features (if applicable)
  • All materials used (patio, deck, swing set, etc.). Photos, and/or pages from a catalogue, are helpful.
  • Payment (if applicable)

Once you have all the above information, please send to Lacey Hagan via e-mail at [email protected] or by mail to Northstar Community c/o Ohio Equities 8000 Walton Parkway Suite 250 New Albany, OH 43054.  Please allow 10 business days, from time of receipt, for a formal response.  If submittals are incomplete, this process will take longer.