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Northstar Community Authority (NCA)

Northstar Community is a part of the North Star New Community Authority, a governmental unit that was created to provide a mechanism and system of governance for funding, ownership and maintenance of certain infrastructure improvements required for Northstar Community (such as roads, streets, sanitary sewers and waterlines) and certain amenities planned for Northstar Community (such as parks and open spaces).  The North Star New Community Authority is governed by a Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions and Agreements for the North Star New Community Authority filed of record in the Delaware County Recorder’s Office as Instrument Number 2007-00037855 at Volume 820 Page 1595 of the County’s Official Records.

Community Development Charge–  North Star New Community Authority establishes a “community development charge” that applies to every parcel of real property in Northstar Community. The charge is in the amount of 9.0 mils for each one dollar of assessed valuation.  This community development charge is in addition to all other real estate taxes and assessments charged to your home.

North Star New Community Authority will assess this charge January 1. If you do not pay the charge to North Star New Community Authority, it will be sent to the Delaware County Auditor and added to your tax bill.  The Delaware County Auditor has the right to add an additional processing fee to your charge; the current fee is 3%. Below is an example of how your millage would be calculated if your property value (i.e. sales price) is $500,000.

A – Property Value: $500,000

B – Assessed Value: $500,000*.35 = $175,000

C – Annual Millage Charge: $175,000*.0090 = $1,575.00

D – Semi-Annual Millage Charge: $1,575/2 = $787.50

The summary financial statements for 2016 can be found on pages 7-9 of the CDA 2016 Audit Report.  CDA meeting minutes will be added after board approval.