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The Home Building Process Explained: Contract through Closing

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Article originally published on Rockford Homes website
If you’re new to home building or considering building with us for the first time, you may be wondering what the home building process will look like. At Rockford Homes, we aim to take the mystery out and make the home building as easy and stress-free as possible. In this blog series, we will outline the steps from contract signing to closing day, provide tips on getting the most out of your home building experience, and discuss in detail what you should expect at each step along the way.

First, it’s helpful to look at the process as a whole and plan for what’s to come. We’ve broken the process into four meetings, here’s a summary of what to expect over the first 60 days.

Contract Acceptance Meeting

Once you are in contract for your new home, your home consultant will schedule a contract acceptance meeting. In this meeting, you will go over the acceptance of your purchase agreement with Rockford Homes and review the customer timeline. Within 30 days of your contract acceptance meeting, loan approval is due.

Our preferred lender Partners United Financial will walk you through everything you need for timely loan approval. You may use another vendor of your choice, just make sure you discuss an interest rate lock with your home consultant. During these first 30 days, you will have another meeting to discuss the structure of your home.

Final Structural Meeting

Within 15 days of your contract acceptance meeting, you will meet with your home consultant again for the final structural meeting. In this meeting, you will finalize all of the structural elements of your home. You will want to come to this meeting prepared with all of the wants and needs you have for your new home. We want your home to be exactly what you want to fit the needs of your family.

Think about your lifestyle and what you will need from your home now and in the future. This is a time to envision how you will want the furniture laid out so we can plan the space together. Know what kind of space you will need in each room. Do you love to cook and entertain? Do you have a large family and need space for gathering? Also, consider what special features you want to be included in your home such as fireplaces or surround systems. Think about lighting and electrical needs. You will work together with your home consultant to make sure your home will meet all of the needs of your family. Shortly after your final structural meeting, your second deposit will be due within 21 days of your contract.

Design Center Meeting

Now that you have your structural elements finalized, it’s time to meet with the design center. This is the point where you add all of the finishing touches to your home from flooring and cabinets to paint colors. Our design center experts will help you make your home exactly as you want it. You will begin to see your dream home coming into reality as you choose countertops and tiles. Enjoy this part of the process and make your home yours! Once all of your design elements have been finalized, our architectural team will draw your plans for your new home. Soon you will have blueprints for your home.

Pre-Permit Review Meeting

After blueprints for your home are complete, we will have a pre-permit review meeting to go over them to make sure all of your special options and customizations were drawn correctly. Once you are familiar with your blueprints and have approved that they meet your specifications, we will work with all necessary entities to get the required permits for building your dream home!

Your Rockford home consultant will be with you every step of the way providing guidance and keeping everything on track to ensure that your home is exactly as you hoped. Building a new home is an exciting time for you and your family. Make the most of the experience and enjoy building a home you will love.