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The Vision of Virginia Homes

One of the oldest and most respected home builders in Central Ohio, Virginia Homes has been a regional icon for more than 65 years. All told, the company is responsible for more than 15,000 homes across Central Ohio, from starter homes to high-end luxury residences—and even some commercial construction. That depth and breadth of experience is a real asset. Virginia Homes’ experienced design and construction professionals have seen it all and done it all, and home buyers recognize that they are in capable and experienced hands.

As a smaller family business, Virginia Homes owner Charles E. Ruma relishes opportunities to deal directly with buyers, walking through new properties as they are being built, and playing a personal role that is rare in the industry. Ruma is part of a family home building tradition, and he believes that one of the keys to the company’s sustained success is not just quality or attention to detail, but deep commitment to homeowners.  They believe that the homeowners experience with Virginia Homes is as important as the homes they build. Virginia Homes offers a high level of customization, helping home buyers select and refine custom plans and choose everything from flooring and finishes to landscaping. A collaborative and transparent design and construction process includes an online portal that allows clients to follow along throughout the build process and track changes and progress in real time.

As families and communities change, Virginia Homes designs continue to evolve. The company is constantly refining its floor plans, features and options, staying well ahead of the curve with respect to design and lifestyle trends. Virginia Homes offers the finest craftsmanship and warranties, while taking full advantage of innovative technologies and energy-efficient designs and materials. Along with competitive prices and unmatched experience, it’s easy to see why Virginia Homes is a name that families have trusted for generations in Central Ohio

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